Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hollywood stands up for health care victims

Although I disagree with the policy argument, you have to appreciate the cleverness of this video.


Engineer on Medicare said...

The scary part of the "Public plan" idea is illustrated by the announcement this morning that the federal government expects to add 273,000 new "mission critical" employees within the next three years. Using an easy-to-multiply number of $100,000 total annual cost per employee (probably low), that is $27.3 BILLION per year.

Everyone else has to become more efficient and make do with less, while the government can define itself as "mission critical" and not be accountable to anyone to be efficient.

Anonymous said...

GAAHH! I had to stop myself from clicking on the "Death Panels are real" display at the end.
This whole discussion closely resembles the past 5 (10? 15?) years of political campaigns - 90% BS and 10% truth. Only nobody knows which is which......
For Engineer on Medicare, I have not seen the announcement. However, to the extent that adding these employees represents re-insourcing of previously outsourced work, I am for it, somewhat. We trade outright ripoffs by private contractors for government inefficiency. Which costs more in the end? (I don't know, who does?)