Monday, September 07, 2009

Facebook leaks data

For those Facebook users out there, here's something you will want to know. Facebook quiz technology lets developers (who are not screened by Facebook) see not only your data, but your friends'.

This article links to the American Civil Liberties Union's Facebook quiz, which demonstrates what developers can see when you agree to let an application get access your data. As noted: This is mostly due to the fact that Facebook's default privacy settings allow access to all your profile information whether or not your profile is set to "private."


Anonymous said...

Then do me a favor, Paul, and don't take any quizzes! (:
Actually I think I read something recently about Facebook promising to do something about the privacy implications of outside applications, but I didn't know this is what they were referring to.


e-Patient Dave said...

I was even more concerned about the fact that app developers can see all that about me even if my FRIENDS participate in the quiz.

That's right, sports fans: your looniest friend participates in "What kind of dog are you" etc, and the app developer can see all your info, without your knowledge.

Except, as Paul says, info that you've "de-authorized" in Application Settings.

Ms Spider said...

And you know what? If you thought it was bad before, now it is even worse, and if you don't go in and check your settings, your friends can share even more info about you... So DO go and check your settings. Now. Straight away. And remove all info that you don't want to leak, because FB is a nightmare right now, overly buggy and just not safe. Never has it been more true - your settings are only so good as the weakest link, which may be your friends in this case... Hopefully FB are working on fixing it but right now it is a disaster!
(have some tiny tips on my blog, but even these settings are enough...)