Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Quick reactions to Obama at the NYTimes blog

Several of us were invited to submit comments to a New York Times health care blog about President Obama's speech tonight. Here they are.


Scotty said...

Your understanding of President's healthcare plan makes sense, but I struggle with the "cost vs. savings" analysis you mentioned. Of course costs will rise in the short term - this is the basis of any long-term investment. Could you expand on your thoughts of his plan with regard to investment?...I opened your blog for the purpose of seeing where you stood on the issue, as I respect your opinion a great deal. You have always made it clear in your blog the vested interest in healthcare reform that you hold. That said, I'd like to hear more. I can imagine that my coworkers would feel the same.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scotty,

I believe in the wisdom of the investment, i.e., providing as many people as possible with health insurance. To me, that is job #1, even if it costs us more in the short run.

I think that's what you are asking, right?