Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall mushrooms in New England

Pictures taken on beautiful day at the MA Audubon Sanctuary in South Natick. Perhaps Doctor Halamka will identify them for us.


John Halamka said...

Happy to identify these.

They are

1. Sulfur Shelf/Chicken of the Woods. It's edible, but I do not serve it because 25% of people are allergic to it and develop hives or more serious reactions.

2. Lactarius. It's edible but not incredible. Russians often pickle or salt them.

3. Coral mushroom. It's edible but gives many people GI upset, so I do not serve it.

All three are better photographed than stroganoffed.

Eric said...

Here's my mushroom crop from a wet spring last year, with identifying comments from our friend Dr. Halamka:

e-Patient Dave said...

You two are just ab-normal, you know that? :–)