Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moral high ground?

Oh, I forgot to mention below another example of the SEIU's moral high ground. Here's the latest comment:

In another controversial affront to consumers, BIDMC CEO Paul Levy has recently called for new taxes to be imposed on employer-provided healthcare. Such a tax has been unpopular in most corners of the health care debate, since it is widely believed any such charges would simply be passed on to consumers, and would particularly hurt seniors who pay more for health insurance if they are not yet on Medicare. The CEO of BIDMC has aggressively attacked national healthcare reform efforts . . . .

Regular readers here know what I actually said, looking for a progressive way to pay for health reform, while pointing out the importance of expanding health care access in the US.

But, as below, what on earth does this have to do with union organizing? Answer: Attempt to isolate someone politically based on a mischaracterization of his views, all part of trying to denigrate the reputation of the target you are attacking. Perhaps this worked in other cities, but it just doesn't sell in Boston.

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Anonymous said...

I think any reasoned look at health benefits would see that it is both fair and efficient to tax them. The current system is inefficient in that it treats benefits and wages/salaries differently. It's also unfair in that to the extent we want to subsidize health insurance, it provides the largest subsidy to the wealthiest and the smallest subsidy to the poorest workers.