Thursday, September 24, 2009

A surgeon's view of Thoreau's neighborhood

Many of you were engaged by the story by Jim Hurst, our chief of surgery, in which he outlined his experience as a patient in our hospital. Well, Jim's doing fine and is out and about. He is an excellent photographer and was kind to send me these recent photos of Walden Pond, since he knows I often swim there. I hope you like them. (You can see more of Jim's work here.)


Anonymous said...

where is picture #2 from? It looks like a beautiful spot, probably in the broader walden area, but not sure where it is.

Anonymous said...

Good eyes. Jim says, "Sorry. This one is from a stream near Crawford's Notch. (NH)"

Anonymous said...

uhm, jim's website is on the restricted access list for the hospital... what kind of other pictures is he taking?!?