Monday, September 21, 2009

SafetyNurse names 25; Gratton aggregates them

I am humbled by patient safety nurse Barbara Olson's inclusion in her list of "top 25 tweeps for patient safety". She has assembled a list of 25 of us whose Twitter feeds he has "identified as valuable patient safety resources, visionaries, or exemplars; their approach is consistent with the science of patient safety and they're currently active in the Titterverse."

And then, faster than you can say "social media", Fabio Gratton, at Ignite Health, aggregated the tweet feeds of the 25 of us here.

I like Barbara's summary of the issue:

The systems used to deliver care and the culture of the organization where care is provided influence how often inadvertent harm occurs. Transparency, disclosure, error reporting, and an urge to prevent errors by learning from others are hallmarks of patient safety. People who champion the science of patient safety borrow from cognitive psychology, systems engineering, and human factors, recognizing the inherent fallibility of humans. They use proven strategies that mitigate the consequences of human error. Like other worthy endeavors, this one is realized with high-end metrics, and, like others, patient safety relies on IT solutions.

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Anonymous said...

I like her phrase "takes a critical look at how well intention meets outcome." All the good intentions in the world don't matter beans unless we are able to achieve the desired outcomes.
Congrats, even if I still don't "get" Twitter. (: