Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Caller-Outer of the Month Award #9

Our Board of Directors awarded this month's caller-outer award to Tinea Simpson, Practice Representative in our GI department.

GI staffers on Tinea's floors are practicing a “Leaner” way to conduct their day to day business thanks to her call-out, and the resulting reorganization that came from her work with Resource Nurses Mary Ellen Johnson and Christine Hunt.

As you may know, there is a patient packet for every procedure that happens in a hospital. For the past several years BIDMC volunteers have assembled these packets covering the entire demand of our GI unit – over 100 procedures a day.

As medical practices are revised and forms become obsolete or go unused, the end result can be a tremendous waste of paper and money. These three women evaluated the situation, decided what forms were necessary and what were not, and with the help of Volunteer Services, took action to correct the packets and reduce the use of hundreds of forms.

They created a path of action to include creating new sample packets for volunteers to follow and purging forms that were no longer warranted. Congratulations to Tinea for demonstrating the concept that each person should feel encouraged and empowered to recognize and go about seeking solutions to inefficiency and waste that he or she sees in the workplace.

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Alice Lee said...

Great job, Tinea!
This is a terrific example of how the person who deals with a situation on a regular basis is best able to work with a team to solve a problem and make a difference. Keep looking for ways to make your job easier.