Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stories about Harvey Goldman, MD

I reported in April on the death of Dr. Harvey Goldman, one of our beloved and esteemed colleagues (who loved baseball and is here seen with a Red Sox World Series trophy). Today, we honored this eminent pathologist with a memorial celebration and dedication of the Pathology Department Conference Room in his name. Speakers at the event included people from BIDMC, but also Fred Silva, Executive Vice President of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, and Henry Appelman, Harvey's long-standing friend and colleague from the University of Michigan Medical School.

There were humorous and poignant remarks, too, from Robert Najarian, a gastrointestinal pathology fellow at BIDMC. He remarked that there were so many stories he had heard from residents and fellows that he felt badly he could not tell them all. I suggested we might give people a chance to tell those stories right here on this blog.

So, if you have studied or worked with Harvey at any point in your training or career and wish to offer stories or comments here for your friends, colleagues, and the world, please submit them.

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Jusitn Hilson - Fellow and Resident at BIDMC said...

Harvey was a great traveler and I first bonded with him during my first year of residency when we realized we both would be traveling to South Africa that year. A few months later we discovered that I would be passing through his beloved town of Cervia on a trip to Italy. After that we would always try to one-up each other with our next international trip. It was a testament to his immense curiosity and love of acquiring new knowledge that he continued to travel and experience new places and cultures all the way through to the end of his life.