Friday, November 20, 2009

Optimism? Other options?

This New York Times story by Michael Grynbaum tells of a new transit pass in New York City that has the word "optimism" printed on the reverse. Why?

“God knows people want to feel good, they want to feel up, they want to feel positive,” said Christopher P. Boylan, who oversaw the project at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. “If I can make a couple of customers smile a day, that’s nice.”

Shouldn't we be more flexible here in Boston? New York is so old. In this high tech town, where social media reigns and where everyone has a status bar on Facebook, shouldn't we have Charlie Cards that give us a choice on any given day?

Optimism, sure.

Next year, absoxlutely.

Still waiting (for my train/bus/trolley), clearly.

Wrong choice (for Monday morning quarterbacks), Patriotically.

Some choice, for Election Day.

Dim sum, for riding on Sunday.

Esplanade, for the Fourth of July.

Your ideas?


Anonymous said...

For the Red Line - Fingers Crossed

Anonymous said...

Lots more ideas here on Universal Hub: