Sunday, November 29, 2009

Leftovers on the run

Dan Nadworny sends out the weekly email update to our Emergency Department staff. Above is an excerpt from his latest edition. The photo was taken at the entrance to our ED.


Unknown said...

Off topic, but I was wondering what your thoughts are about Jeffrey Flier's WSJ op-ed. I was a little troubled to find anyone arguing that a basic problem in US healthcare as tax policy leading to "overinsurance". Otherwise, the article is chock full of concerns with no proposed solutions.

Anonymous said...

See my post below. I think he has many good observations. You can't expect solutions in an 800-word document.

I think his point on insurance is that offering as a pre-tax benefit causes people not to know its true cost and leads to policies that are over priced relative to their societal value.

Anonymous said...

On topic, my brother the hunter had always taught me that wild turkeys were wary and shy. I saw one at my neighbor's bird feeder. It seems they are becoming like modern deer - only the Boston ones have a death wish!