Sunday, November 29, 2009

On guard. Whew!

One in an occasional series about email solicitations from total strangers for products and services that just make you wonder. In many cases, as here, they feel comfortable with the familiarity of using a first name even though we have never been introduced, they use the wrong name of our organization, and they have bad grammar or punctuation. In this instance, too, the surveillance product offered here is provided for no charge by Google and other web servers.

I wonder whether their monitoring skills will pick up this post about themselves.

Hi Paul, would you have time in the next week to discuss better ways to monitor what's being said about CareGroup, on the Internet and learn how to use social media in your marketing strategy?

PRWatchdog provides healthcare facilities with alerts on high-level negative and positive mentions of your brand online (blogs, news, social media, and community sites), we ferret out the ones that could damage you and send you real-time notification with suggested action items. We help you maintain a top reputation score with minimal demand on your already busy day. In addition, we can help you capitalize on websites like Facebook and show you how to use them to better communicate your message to your patients.

Let me know a time that you're available, thanks Paul.

[name deleted]
President, PR WatchDog
600 Northpark Building, #1700
Atlanta, GA 3O328
[email and telephone deleted]


e-Patient Dave said...

HAHAHA! Laughing my butt off!

Like you, my minimum standard is to see if the people have at LEAST looked at whether I'm already doing the things they're proposing.

It appears they don't have the first clue about social media: listening. :-)

I'm especially charmed by their offering to show how you can use Facebook to communicate with your patients.

---Hey, practicing what I preach, I went to THEIR site to learn their POV:

• Monitor & Manage Negative Online Media
• Leverage Positive Online Commentaries & Blogs

Defend and exploit! Of course: - classic old-school PR. None of this LEAN "service" crap around here.

Thanks, this made my evening. (So far.)

Jerry Berger said...

One thing they do well is spam. You are at least the sixth person I am aware of to get the e- mail and only the second with any "reputation management" concerns.