Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanks to Gourmet Caterers

As the Thanksgiving holiday weekend draws to a close, I want to give a "shout-out" to Robert Wiggins, President, and his staff at Gourmet Caterers in Roslindale, MA. Each year Mr. Wiggins donates dozens of gift certificates for Thanksgiving and Christmas "turkey dinners for 10 with all the trimmings" to charities who then auction them off to support their causes. (I purchased mine at The Boston Harbor Association annual gala, which supports environmental education programs.)

When I went to pick up my food on Wednesday morning, I was told that I was one of 58 holders of such gift certificates that day. You go around the back to the white tent to pick up your food. There I met Glenn, an employee of 14 years, who helped load the dinner into my car.

This is no small meal: 22 pound turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, candied yams, butternut squash, cranberry orange relish, cheese and crackers, Parker House rolls, and choice of two pies (apple, pumpkin, or pecan). When they say this is dinner for 10, they must be thinking of 10 hungry lumberjacks!

Thanks to the folks at Gourmet Caterers for their generosity to so many organizations in the Boston area.


Anonymous said...

Transferred from Facebook:

Winnie: Gourmet Caterers is a Roslindale treasure!

Anonymous said...

Paul - I did the same thing, at a benefit for the courthouse education program last spring. I am using it for Christmas dinner and it's making everyone very happy that there will be no cooking. I also want to say that Gourmet Catering has been incredibly responsive and nice to me, treating me just like a paying customer. I urge everyone to use this company - it is truly civic-minded.
Hope you are well, Paul.
Marty Mazzone