Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to make health care remarkable

An excellent interview with e-Patient Dave here on Phil Baumann's blog.

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Anonymous said...

I like this quote of Dave's from the interview:

"I just about puke when I hear dino-physicians whine about “I’m not gonna do email [which my patients want] because insurance won’t pay me, and I’m not doing anything I don’t get paid for.” This is the sound of a dinosaur dying – dying of FFSS, “Fee For Service syndrome.” It is the bellows of dysfunction, echoing forth from a system that is optimized for anything except getting care delivered to the people who need it. I am about to start calling for providers and patients alike to protest in disgust against the symptoms of FFSS."

Coupled with a comment on another blog where hospitalists want to get paid extra for staying in the hospital at night, it reminded me of this quote, from Joe Paterno of all people:

"Professionalism has nothing to do with getting paid for your services."

Are we professionals, or tradesmen? The patients will soon decide, based on this behavior.

nonlocal MD