Sunday, November 22, 2009

In memoriam: Arnold Rosoff

Arnold Rosoff, known to the world as an exceptional advertising executive, died this week at age 93. Arnold was a trustee and volunteer in our hospital.

Here's the most fitting tribute I have heard, from one of our nurses, Jane Wandel:

I wanted to share my memory of Arnold as an ED volunteer. He volunteered as an orderly and worked alongside the paid orderlies in the department - indistinguishable from them in terms of his role. In fact, it was many months before most of us on the staff realized that he was a hospital trustee. He was kind and quiet, gentle and humble. He ran specimens and pushed stretchers; he readily helped with the most menial and, at times, unpleasant jobs in the unit. He treated everyone - from housekeeper to attending physician - with enormous respect and kindness. We adored him.

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Anonymous said...

RIP – Arnold Rosoff, 93, the “Arnold” in Arnold Advertising, started volunteering as an orderly at the ER at Beth Israel Hospital after he sold the agency.