Sunday, November 22, 2009

How our staff gets high

Mount Everest is the background. This was taken two weeks ago from Kala Patar in Nepal. The people are Margie Serrano, RN (nurse manager of Farr 6 and CVICU), Alan Lisbon MD (Executive Vice Chair, Anesthesia), and Judi Deveau RN, NP (cardiac surgery).


Maureen Bisognano said...

Thanks for sharing this great photo and team triumph! Brought back wonderful memories from my trip there to Base Camp a few years ago. Amazing challenge and incredible sights. Go Team!
Maureen Bisognano

Anonymous said...

Transfered from Facebook:

Laura: Always amazed at the awesome people I work with.

Lynnie: And the care our family has recieved is always as far reaching as Mount Everest. Just when we would think, nothing more can be done, we've reached the peak in quality care, it just kept getting better!