Friday, November 27, 2009

Engage with Grace Blog Rally

The Engage with Grace blog rally has spread far and wide, for the second year. Here is a list of participants that I have seen so far. I'll keep adding. If I missed you, please submit a comment with the name and url, and I will update this posting.

In case you wonder why we do this, see this post on my blog below:

Last year I had a discussion with my loved one because of the blog rally and unfortunately it actually came into play in Sept. when she was diagnosed with end stage pancreatic cancer. Something that we did not anticipate but really must be brought to light, especially with elderly couples; often the primary advocate is so distraught at the probability of losing their 47+ year partner, emotions cloud key judgement. We experienced battles with my uncle over increasing pain meds., etc. and hospice walked such a fine line because he, as her health proxy could have asked them to leave at any time (as we were told). So in addition to having a discussion regarding these end of life questions -- elderly couples really need to think about whether their spouse will truly be able to carry out their wishes when the time comes.

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(In case you are wondering, that's 70, so far . . .)

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e-Patient Dave said...

The New Life of e-Patient Dave

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Emerging Medical Concepts
published 2009.11.26 0901 and one year ago at

Anonymous said...

Forgot, cross-posted on
Street Prophets

Kirsti A. Dyer said...

Another post, Talk with Your Loved Ones about End of Life Preferences: Engage with Grace with link to a similar story to Za's.

Anonymous said...

You missed

Unknown said...

Here's another for you: Doug Brown, SVP & GC at UMass Memorial

Thanks for doing this once again.

Marty Bonick said...

A little late, but better than never...from Marty Bonick, CEO of Jewish Hospital and author of Hospital Life Blog...