Sunday, January 24, 2010

100 dozen eggs, over easy

Eggs washed up on Head of the Meadow Beach on Cape Cod. They had a rubbery consistency, but that might have been from exposure to the air. Click the picture for a close-up view. Can anyone tell us what the species is?


Susan C said...

I love a mystery. I hope one of your readers can identify these.

Anonymous said...

Transferred from Facebook:

Clem: possibly lobster... should take it to Stormy Mayo (Center for Coastal Studies).

Terry: maybe a clutch of horseshoe crab eggs that didn't hatch. They are usually buried in shallow sand.

Christina Trinchero said...

Hi, Paul:

I checked in with my father, Peter Trinchero, a former professor at Mount Wachusett Community College and a biologist with the Army Corps of Engineers in Waltham. He had this to say about the egg photo.

"Difficult to say, fish eggs not likely to be together in a single mass. Possibly a mollusk, snail or whelk?

"There is a species of sea urchin that is reproducing now, genus Stronglylocentrotus, but I thought its range was north of the Cape. Also the sea urchin eggs are smaller. Do not know for sure. With storms and cold water this material could have been in the water for a long time and not decomposed."

Looking forward to other comments you might get on this pic.