Thursday, January 14, 2010

Israel visit -- Part 3

My series on this week's CJP mission to Israel continues with an archeological side trip.

Just outside of the wall of the old city of Jerusalem is an area known as the City of David. This is thought to be the site of the early Jewish kingdom, from biblical times. But as is often the case, there are many layers. Here is a video of an area known as the Shiloach Pool. Two centuries ago, it was the site of a large mikvah, or ritual bath, from which people would traverse along a protected stairway to the Temple just up the hill. When the Temple was destroyed in 70AD, things went into disuse and were eventually buried underneath the following developments of the city.

Now, under the auspices of the City of David ("Ir David") Foundation, the old buildings are being uncovered. The video is the story of the newly discovered passageway. That's the stairway to the right, characterized by a double step separated by a flat section all the way up.

If you cannot view the video, click here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the videos. I hope to visit some day. I believe the Temple was destroyed in 70AD, and not 79.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the catch. I corrected it.

Anonymous said...

all of Jerusalem is one big archeological dig. Amazing what keeps being uncovered. thanks for posting the video