Thursday, January 21, 2010

Names of team members in Haiti

Dr. Malcolm Smith, mentioned below, just sent me the names of people on his team in Haiti. Please note the interdisciplinary and cross-institutional nature of the list. At a time like this, all competitive and territorial aspects of health care disappear.

Our Team Names in no order.
Additional help from others who just arrived!
Grace Deveny RN MPH, international health program manager, MGH
Henry Salzarulo MD, anaesthesia, Seneca SC
Malcolm Smith MD, Ortho Trauma, Partners/MGH
Selwyn Rodgers MD, Gen/trauma surg, BWH
Denise Lauria RN, OR nurse, MGH
Nathaly Arredondo RN ERG, trauma nurse Lakeland Regional Medical Center, FL
Giliane Joseph MD, General internal medicine, Albert Einstein NY
Sachita Shah MD, ED doc Rhode Island Hospital, Providence RI
Kieth Antonangeli ST, MGHOR
Akshay Dalal MD, anaesthesia, MGH
George Dyer MD, Ortho Trauma, Partners/BWH& VA
Judy Wagoner RN., Trauma/surg nurse, BIDMC
Heather Bedlion RN, Cardiac step down, BWH.
Sergeline Lucien RN, Oncology nurse, BWH
Sarah Marsh Partners in Health, Women's Health
And expecting James Troussant Harvard, combined Ortho program, MGH resident (also Haitian) and others today.

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Mark Chalek said...

Don't forget Sean Kelly and Dave Calloway from the ED