Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Uncivil behavior within the SEIU?

A few weeks ago, I wrote of issues surrounding morality, power, and union organizing with respect to the SEIU. Now comes this fascinating article entitled SEIU's Civil War by Bill Fletcher, Jr. and Nelson Lichtenstein on a website called In These Times.

I know nothing about the authors or the website, although the site portrays itself as committed to social justice issues. One paragraph of the story struck home and seemed consistent with my post:

Although some SEIU locals have had histories of varying degrees of internal democracy and transformational politics, the SEIU has looked askance at such localist examples of democratic participation—not because the leadership of SEIU is hostile to mobilization or democracy in any formal ideological sense, but because it has had other agendas that all too often seemed to conflict with a decentralized and democratic structure. Efforts to democratize and transform the union controlled and led by rank and file members have been largely absent.


Anonymous said...

A somewhat dense article, but a must read if one is contemplating casting their lot with this union. One wonders how focused they can be on their objectives of improving the workers' lot, with the constant distractions of such infighting.
Methinks all is not well in the king's court, milord.

nonlocal MD

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting article. After I read it I went to nuhw.org to learn a little more about this split-off union. On their page I found an interesting link called "Eye On SEIU". Hmmm, that rings a bell.

BIDMC Employee

Anonymous said...

The SEIU Gives unions a bad name. These folks are nothing more than gangsters.

We don't need them at BIDMC that's for sure.

- BIDMC employee