Sunday, January 31, 2010

Keeping it going for Haiti

A note last week to the BIDMC staff. Readers of this blog can join in, too!

To: BIDMC Community
From:Eric Buehrens, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President
Lisa Zankman, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Subject: New Team Fund Raising for Haiti Relief

Earlier this week, our Development staff presented a check for $33,616 to Partners in Health for relief efforts in Haiti. Thanks to the almost 150 members of the BIDMC Community who donated through Grateful Nation.

It has become clear that supporting the Haitian people is going to be a long-lasting labor of love, determination and hope. The lives of our colleagues who lost family members and friends have been changed forever. Over the coming months and years, BIDMC clinicians and other relief workers will no doubt return again and again and still find so much that needs to be done.

To help with the ongoing efforts, BIDMC has been inspired by a group of medical residents, unit nurses and other staff, and their supporters who have started a little friendly competition to raise money for Haiti relief.

We’ve built a space on Grateful Nation for their efforts. In addition, anyone at BIDMC can now start a team to track fund-raising, seek other supporters and spread the competitive spirit.

To start a team, join one or support one that is already started, click here. Thank you for all your generosity.


Anonymous said...

This post brought a HUGE smile to my face. Thank you so much for doing this for the people of Haiti. But thank you also for donating that money to PIH a charity that has made a point of training and hiring Haitians. Going forward it's very important that all the groups that want to help Haitians make sure to involve them in everything, and give them training and jobs.

Unknown said...

Glad to see Partners involved in the effort for Haiti.

On an unrelated note, Mr. Levy if you have a chance I'd love to hear your reactions to Maggie Mahar's new post over at health beat regarding Partner's disproportionate pricing power in Massachuessets.

Anonymous said...

See below for my comments on this, some of which overlap Maggie's:

Carole said...

Bravo to you all. I tweeted a link to this article and I'm sure that people will retweet.

Hopefully, the Twitterverse will supply additional support to your efforts.