Friday, January 29, 2010

Toussaint helps you get Lean

Here's some news from fellow Lean-er Mark Graban. On February 24, John Toussaint is presenting what promises to be an excellent two-part learning event entitled, Strategy Development, the Key to Leading the Lean Enterprise. Here's the link.

This is a cooperative program of the Lean Enterprise Institute and Thedacare's Center for HealthcareValue. LEI and the ThedaCare Center are both 501(c)(3) non profits. This event ($500) helps fund their network and Lean promotion activities that are often offered at no cost to institutions.

Summary: This is an interactive video learning experience. You and your team will be able to view two video sessions. The first is a recorded video featuring the Strategy Deployment process in use at ThedaCare, a community health system in Wisconsin that is a leader in the application of Lean management in health care. The second is a live question and answer period with John, in which he will answer your questions about Strategy Deployment and the ThedaCare Improvement Sequence.

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