Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Healthy is . . . skating at Fenway

About 120 BIDMC staff members got a chance to take to the ice rink last week at Fenway Park. The rink was constructed for the New Year’s Day “Winter Classic” match-up between the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers. As part of its special relationship as the Official Hospital of the Boston Red Sox and Red Sox Nation, the Sox invited BIDMC staff to have an exclusive one-hour free skate before the rink gets removed. Here's Joanne showing how to stay healthy.


Unknown said...

Hey, I can see myself in the background of this photo!

this was a very nice event - I appreciate the chance to skate at Fenway!

Metro Tim said...

I was able to download this photo and upgrade it a bit in Photoshop. So you can view the 2 versions of this upgraded photo on my Picasa account via the link below. I think you can download them rather easily if you like it:

Unknown said...

Thanks, Tim. That was very nice of you!