Sunday, January 31, 2010

High School Quiz Show

WGBH, our public television station, is starting a new show based on the old College Bowl theme, a quiz show for high school students. It is called -- tah dah! -- High School Quiz Show.

I went with friends today for the taping of one of the segments. We arrived to find kids making posters to cheer on their school team, and we enjoyed watching the healthy competition as kids tried to answer questions in math, science, literature, history, social studies, and the like.

The show's MC is one of my former MIT students, Dhaya Lakshminarayanan. I am not quite sure what aspect of her MIT training prepared her for this career, but she is terrific in this role.

The show will be broadcast on Monday's starting on March 22, at 7:30pm.


catsandmusic said...

Whoever picked that time needs to be informed that that is Jeopardy's time slot in the Boston area. Unless I know a kid who is competing, I am going to be watching Jeopardy, even though I might otherwise turn on the GBH program.

Anonymous said...

Transferred from Facebook:

Monique: I watch the NHPTV Granite State Challenge and sadly fail miserably in the math categories.

e-Patient Dave said...

Heh - back in the ancient years when high school students learned Latin, I got to be on the Twin Cities "Latin Bowl." Boy do I wish there was video of THAT.

100% agreed about Jeopardy. It's the only academic/intellect show on mass-market TV, and it'd be a dodo move to go up against the only other show that your natural market wants. Please urge them to pick a different time.

Anonymous said...

More in the Boston Globe:

ATTS said...

HS Quiz Show often competes with many other good programs, in fact the debut was opposite the Grammy's. DVR's, repeats, interweb and other time shifting sources will help those interested in finding it. great to see regional and charter scvhools in the mix.