Thursday, January 14, 2010

Israel visit -- Part 4

My series on this week's CJP mission to Israel continues with an aerial view of the Jordan River Valley, starting in Jerusalem and ending up near the Lebanon border. We took helicopters and had a chance to see things close up.

As we we fly over and out of Jerusalem, you can clearly see the old city, with the Western Wall and the Temple Mount (minute 1:40). A monastery is visible just north of the city at minute 2:25, built into a narrow canyon.

A memorable moment is when you are flying several hundred feet above the river valley and the altimeter says sea level! There are lots of irrigated acres of crops (3:00).

The ruins you see at minute 3:15 of the video (and in the photo above) are Roman (including the amphitheater and cardo) near Beit She'an, built on the site of an even older Greek city called Scythopolis. Nearby are the mountains of Gilboa, made famous in the Bible during the reign of Saul.

As you approach the Sea of Galilee, you will see the city of Tiberias (3:30) on its coast. This is near the site of the story of Jesus feeding the multitudes.

If you cannot view the video, click here.


David Harlow said...

Thanks for sharing, Paul. These images are always moving, and I hope that your presentation adds to the general understanding of the challenges faced by Israel as well as the remarkable history and achievements of the ancients and the moderns in that part of the world. I was at both Beit She'an and Ir David on my last visit, so the pictures really bring me back. You couldn't get me in a helicopter, though.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to learn recently that Israel is a significant source of horticultural (as opposed to agricultural) imports into the U.S. Who would have thought it from what most think of as a desert country.